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Hey Newgrounds; final post!

I wanna start over again and I don't want to pester Wade and Tom to change my name and reset my account, so I'm creating a new Newgrounds account.

Click here!

Hey guys, update thing again!

Working on an Amnesia inspired Flash game. It's a point-and-click game with puzzle elements (kinda like Amnesia!). Finished the preloader and the majority of the opening sequence, although I need people to fill in some gaps - those gaps being a writer and voice actor. Got a few things in check and I'm not giving up on this until it's finished! :D

So, I submitted some new content the other day. It's that Tutorial thing which teaches you how to make a "pretentious game", only took a few hours to make which is pretty good considering how long it usually takes me to make stuff. Which brings me on to my next point *deep sigh*...

I'm currently working on a horror game in Flash! Not gonna say much about it because there really isn't that much to say, honestly. It's a thirdperson horror title which will have no enemies as such and will be a pretty creepy and lonely game. When I say no enemies, I mean, there's no combat involved, there will be other things present in the game but without any form of defense other than running and no possible way to attack, I think it's safe to say that they aren't your enemy. I could have said that in a way less derpy way, but oh well. I've been reading up on horror game theory over at Frictional Games' development blog, which says the word 'enemy' brings up thoughts of a conflict and war, without conflict and war the enemy becomes a just a threat or hazard.

Anyway, that's all I have to say...

Newgrounds Update <16th March, 2012>

2012-03-16 09:53:49 by iloveicelollies

Been working on a Portal animation for my YouTube account, screenshot below.

Newgrounds Update <16th March, 2012>

More 7 deadly sins work! I've been working on Wrath and Pride, so far they kind of suck.

Wrath is here

News Update <8st March, 2012>

News Update <1st March, 2012>

2012-03-01 05:34:59 by iloveicelollies

Not made an update since the redesign about a month or so ago, so I'm just going to post some stuff that I've been working on. I'm doing a monsters & mythology based 7 deadly sins piece with all of the sins personified into weird demon things.

I'm working on Gluttony now and it's basically a fat dead guy with a living mouth in his stomach that eats anything that gets near enough. For the actual style, I'm going for a bold and sharp look with kind of grotesque texturey stuff over the top of it as the skin (I'll probably take a picture of my skin and make it look veiny and pale and use that for the texture or something). I might use the finished 7 sins as background demons in Jack Longman's Afterlife :D

Here's the Gluttony one so far, nowhere near finished ;)

EDIT: I've done a lot since this morning!!

DOUBLE EDIT: Finished it, you can see it here!

News Update <1st March, 2012>

Happy New Year, Newgrounds!

As a New Year's resolution, I've decided to take on EVERY project that I've started. Ever.

Here's the list!:
-Afterlife (with GreatWh1teShark, Peltos and many other people)
-Wheatley: Critical Error! (with nobody yet, I need to find a voice actor)
-Zelda Files: The Game (with Peltos)
-Go! (being renamed and made with Syndrome Software as a Megaman-esque title)
-Redraw my wolf drawing from the Art Portal (Solo)
-How to Play the Guitar tutorial (Solo)
-Gorillaz 5/4 fan music video (Solo, using Gorillaz song)
-My Room (Solo)
-The Odd Collab (with a load of people)
-Remake of the Preloader tutorial (AS2, Solo)
-One (under Syndrome Software)
-P2 (under Syndrome Software, was Go! but changed it)
-Suspiria game for Ashens (Solo)

Well, that's a load of stuff o.o

News Update <13th December, 2011>

2011-12-13 05:42:39 by iloveicelollies

Finished it! You can see it here! I did pretty much everything except the music. I suck so much at voice acting xD Probably would have helped if I wasn't in an awkwardly quiet room :l

Hope you guys enjoy it, spent a long time on it! ^^

P.S. You guys should check out my Tumblr page here and my art submissions!

Thanks for the support and what not, iloveicelollies.

The animation that I was talking about is almost done, all I need to do is voice recording and lip syncing and then I'm done! Expect to see it before next week (I put an image below as well).

The Syndrome Software game will be finished by at least early 2012 and depending on how well it does, I'll try and make a bit of money from it for resources when we make our next game! FYI: We'll make a freeware game along side the main one for you all to play too. The next BIG game we will make will be made in Unreal Engine 3 and will play similarly to Gears of War (over shoulder) but be a survival horror.

Later! ^^

News Update <8th December, 2011>

So, I've been working on the animation for college, having finished my rotoscoping one. It's going pretty well so far, you can see some drawings of it below.

The style I have decided to use is inspired by artists like JG Quintel, Pen Ward and Bryan Lee O'Malley.

News Update <24th November, 2011>